SOJO SPA CLUB  |  Edgewater, New Jersey


The Sojo Spa Club is a one of a kind spa facility and boutique hotel.  The 230,000 square foot facility contains over 100,000 square feet of spa area with large outdoor occupied roof areas including numerous water features, landscaped gardens and areas to relax and play as well as a high end spa, saunas, extensive bath areas, gym, restaurant and a thirty-two room hotel.  The complex program contains 19 individual water features including a rooftop infinity edge pool, water slide, kid's sprinkler pad, and 8,000 square feet of luxurious bath areas.  The mutli-leveled, connected roof plane organizes the building's massing in a gesture evoking the fluidity of water and encourages users to walk the entire building on the exterior while enjoying stunning views of the Manhattan skyline